Dave and Jack said:

My father in law really wanted to go walleye fishing and Brian came to us recommended from the last charter we had. This was the first time we had chartered a boat on Muskegon Lake. Brian and Tyler were great to fish with. We all became immediate friends. Brian has a fantastic boat with all the equipment we needed. We caught a couple small walleyes at first then my father-in-law reeled in a 5 pound bass. That was fun and that fish put up a great fight. We put him back in because we were looking for walleyes. It was about 8:30 when I snagged my first lure then we had to break the line and start over. The next snag was not a SNAG….but a giant walleye. I had him on long enough to see him come to the surface…but I tried to muscle him in and the hook came flying out of his mouth right before we tried to net him. I was really bumming because that was a wall hanger. I had him on for a long time and saw him for a few seconds….I came so close but he was the one that got away that night. Well…that is what fishing is all about. Great excitement, lots of fun, and a story to tell. That is what we experienced with 2BCaught Charters.